Fußballstadion des A.S. Houtain-Milanello

Intelligente Sportbeleuchtungslösung reduziert Energiekosten um über 50 %

The football club A.S. Houtain-Milanello from Liège plays in the regional league. It has 350 members and attaches great importance to inspiring children from the age of 6 for football. The club has two football pitches:

  • Pitch A is used for league matches and during the week for training.
  • Place B is for training purposes only.

The places were illuminated by spotlights with conventional discharge lamps with enormous energy consumption. The spotlights had been installed in 2015 and it was clear to those responsible in the association that, given the service life of 9000 hours, they would soon have to be replaced. However, finding such luminaires is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, the prices for this have risen enormously. In view of the rapidly rising energy prices, the association decided to act quickly: the headlights were to be replaced, thusreducing energy costsandsaving money. Those responsible have therefore asked us for a design for a new sports lighting solution with LEDs.

Football lighting with compliance with standards with lower energy consumption

In accordance with the lighting requirements of the Belgian Football Association (ACFF), the following values were required for the two pitches with spotlights on the existing 20-metre-high masts:

  • Place A: 120 lux with dimming option during training
  • Place B: 80 lux with only 2 masts and the restriction that it is not possible to add more.

After carrying out a photometric study, we proposed the ECOBLAST LED sports headlamp with the Schréder ITERRA control system. A total of 3 ECOBLAST spotlights with 4 modules were installed on the 4 masts in place A. On the two masts in place B there were 2 ECOBLASTs with 6 modules. Thanks to the flexibility and modularity of these powerful headlights, the illuminance levels could be easily achieved with the existing configurations.

The BlastFlex™4 photometry unit ensures that light isdirected exactly where it is needed. This improves uniformity on the pitch and optimizes energy consumption.

Easy installation saves time and money

The modular concept of this LED headlamp minimizes weight, making handling and installation easier. This was particularly important for the A.S. Houtain-Milanello, as the headlights were to be mounted on the existing masts at a height of 20 metres.



Fußballverein A.S. Houtain-Milanello


Vergabebehörde: A.S. Houtain-Milanello
Energieeinsparungen – Platz A
ECOBLAST 4 pro Mast

Energy savings of over 50%

The 12 headlights (2000 W) in place A had a consumption of 26 KWh/h. This resulted in costs of € 7.80 per hour in November 2021 and around € 47 per day if training was on the program. With floodlight operation on 5 days a week from 17 to 22 o'clock the costs were thus 235 € per week.

With the new LED lighting, the association canreduce its energy consumption by more than 50%. In addition, the LED headlights do not need to be preheated. They are only switched on when you need them, thus achieving further savings.

Adapting the light to the needs of the players

All LED headlights are managed by the Schréder ITERRA control system. This wireless remote control solution allows club officials to easily adjust the illuminance to the needs of the players on the pitch. The headlights are programmed to deliver 120 lux in seat A. However, those responsible can easily reduce the illuminance for training to 80 lux at any time with a switch on site or via the app on the smartphone. If there is no need, the light can also be switched off on one half of the square.
By adjusting the light intensity to the actual demand, the association can further reduce its energy consumption and thus also the electricity costs.

We are very satisfied with the control system because it enables us to manage the luminaires easily and optimally.

Philippe Léonard
Schatzmeister – A.S. Houtain-Milanello

The club officials and the players are more than satisfied with the new lighting for the football pitches. It is flexible, provides uniform and shadow-free light and also reduces the electricity costs of the football club.